Application:- The MY FOOD MY WAY application, available on the Apple App Store and the
Google Play Store.

MY FOOD MY WAY :-MY FOOD MY WAY, an Online Food Ordering application owned & managed by
MBA Fakhro Group, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Member :- A person registered with the Application.

Map (Mapping):- A map that allows you to find Members with whom you’ve crossed paths. Messages and voice messages: Only Members who have a Like can use the Application’s “Chat”
function to send each other Messages. Messages are stored in the inbox, which is accessible via the icon on the top right of the homepage.

Services :- All services, whether charged or free-of-charge, offered by MY FOOD MY WAY to encourage virtual or real-life meet-ups between Members who have crossed paths and who have
a mutual interest in one another, according to the selected search criteria.

Premium Member:-A Member who has a MY FOOD MY WAY Premium subscription.

Account:- The Member’s dedicated personal area within the Application, which he or she accesses when he or she registers and connects to the Application. It enables the Member to
access the Services. A Member may only have one Account.

Video Call :-feature offered only to Members who have a Like, enabling them to call and talk to each of their Likes spontaneously, for a limited duration. This feature can be accessed
from the “Messages” page, by clicking the icon in the top right corner to start the Video Call.

This Privacy Policy applies to all Services published by MY FOOD MY WAY that you use (with the exception of services supplied and operated by third parties, in which case,
their privacy policy will apply).

Information we collect :-

MY FOOD MY WAY collects and processes personal data on you when you use the MY FOOD MY WAY application or when you communicate with MY FOOD MY WAY. It may be information you share with us directly, or data we collect automatically.

To make sure our privacy policy is clear, we are providing below an overview of the personal data MY FOOD MY WAY collects and processes. Information is given below for each type of data collected.

Mandatory data

• Identification data .
• Depending on how you signed up, email address and/or telephone number.
• Data relating to your activity on the application.
• Technical data of the cell phone or device.

Data required for certain purposes

• Geographical location.
• Search preferences - people whom you would like to cross paths with (age and gender).
• In-app messages and in-app voice messages sent and received.
• Data on Video Calls (the contents of such Calls are not collected).
• Data relating to reports made and requests sent to the MY FOOD MY WAY customer service.

Optional data

• Professional career and education.
• Interests, lifestyle, Member Characteristics.
• Depending on how you signed up, email address and/or telephone number.
• Description.

Data you share directly:-

When you use our Services, you share information with us, some of which may be used to identify you. When you communicate this information, you accept that some of the data will be visible to the other Members of the Application, and therefore made public on the Application. In an effort to help you identify this information easily, it is signaled as ‘public’ below. MY FOOD MY WAY cannot be held liable for data published on its platform and disclosed by a Member. However, information not marked as Public will not be visible or accessible by other Members; such information is signaled as ‘private’ below.

MY FOOD MY WAY collects and processes data relating to your registration and data relating to your interactions with MY FOOD MY WAY.